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Culture Hour

Timely Support for Real Life
The Culture Hour is an incredible opportunity to openly address and support “on the court” culture and leadership challenges. This is also a chance to support shared learning and aligned understanding amongst your leadership. Each month, Choose People holds an hour-long online session to respond to questions submitted by your leadership beforehand. Each session is dynamic–with some questions we provide direct expert guidance, while with others we garner the collective wisdom of the group. You can record and store these sessions for future reference and sharing.
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Culture Care Package

Sustained Social Super Glue
Each month, for a year, supervisors and managers receive one Culture Care Package that deep dives on one of our key Social Super Glue tools or frameworks that are the backbone to changing culture in an organization. These packages outline how to implement step-by-step the concept for the month with their teams in just 15-minutes/week using their standing weekly team meeting. You can also choose to add a monthly online video call facilitated by Choose People to share package insights, answer questions and create accountability and dialogue around the package from the prior month.
Leadership Culture Development | Watering Can

Leadership Culture Development

Build Culture, Capability & Character
If you truly want to equip and align your entire leadership in creating a thriving, empowering workplace culture–then this is it. This is our most extensive leadership training offering and a direct route to changing culture in an organization. Over a minimum of 6 months (and a maximum of 10) your leadership will experientially gain the capability and capacity to create the experience of Known, Matter & Included (our signature 3 pillars that we know make THE difference) for their teams and across the organization. After each monthly workshop, there’s a simple yet profound assignment to implement what they learned with their teams and a dialogue guide to support sharing successes and struggles with a peer accountability cohort. Your leadership will learn and integrate everything they need to know to take their team from “fine” to “fantastic!”
Culture Audit | Heart in magnifying glass

Culture Audit

Measure, Clarify, Plan & Implement
Our Culture Audit process transforms the ambiguity and abstractness of “culture change” into a custom concrete and actionable roadmap. This is our most comprehensive offering to changing culture in an organization. While garnering employee buy-in*, we provide you with the data, expert insight and clear critical next steps to create meaningful culture change in your organization. This process consists of five steps and takes place over a year. Once we have the roadmap of initiatives that reflect your organization’s unique opportunities, we guide you and support you through implementing each step. This option is for those organizations who have culture as one of their top priorities.*
*We average an extraordinary 92% survey participation rate.

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The bonus here is that when people feel good about coming to work, they go home as better parents, spouses and citizens. They have the energy to show up for their loved ones and community rather than simply numbing to Netflix.
  • Retreat Design & Facilitation
  • Annual Meeting Design & Facilitation
  • Management Culture Training
  • Relationship Repairs
  • Appreciative Inquiry Strategic Planning
Kris was spectacular
We feel like she is part of the V3 family and people that normally don’t care for conferences made a point of saying how much they enjoyed her work with our team. We were so lucky to land on Kris and she was the cherry on our retreat sundae! Our annual meeting was a wonderful success and we all feel we made a new friend in Kris.
— Lori Woody, V3 Companies
Team members thanked me
I wanted to reach out and thank you again for a job well done. I have received phone calls, several texts, and many emails (that continue to come in) in support of the information you presented to the team. The most rewarding part of this, is that some of the responses are coming from those that have struggled with getting on board. You helped all of us look more deeply into our accountability and the collective impact felt by that. Here’s the big kicker….team members that were not even at the training are stopping into my office today to let me know they heard how powerful our meetings were this year. As I sit here and reflect on how amazing your training was yesterday, I cannot describe enough what it means to me that you had everyone positively connecting with sincerity. Your work is truly amazing, and we will be so much better because of it.”
— Jon Kollman, Director of Operations, Runnings
There is no one else I have seen work so effectively with our group
We have an unwieldy and opinionated team at times, and there is no one else I have seen work so effectively with our group. Kris was able to garner complete trust and commitment from my team, even the naysayers. Today, because of Kris’ expertise, our team is solidly in alignment with clear expectations and a renewed sense of commitment.
— Tracy Mead, Executive Director, Education & Life Training Center
They popped their Funkytown ‘bubble’
I can’t tell you how amazing things have been since our managers’ retreat/conference. We received so many emails from our Team about how they popped their Funkytown ‘bubble’ and how easy it was and freeing. One said, ‘Yesterday I took care of my bubble and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. We hugged and cried and now I can’t wait to meet with my team and spread the love. Please thank Kris for helping us tear down our walls.’ And our CEO also chimed in and said that you were a HUGE reason for our “jumpstart” back to being a more cohesive group. We are still reaping the rewards! We appreciate YOU and what you brought to our team, it has truly made a difference.
— Vicky Warner, Bayer Heritage FCU
Exceeded my expectations
Thank you for your leadership Kris. That was a great retreat and an outcome that far exceeded my expectations.
— Bob Flynn, Co-Owner, Green Ride
Helped me resolve conflicts
The most important aspect of Kris’s process was the constant support. More than simply diagnosing problems and leaving me to figure out solutions, she guided me through the process, providing tools and techniques to help achieve my goal of a better, more positive work environment. While she played an active role in helping me resolve the conflicts within my department, she also left me with strategies to continue the progress that we started together.
— Nelson Greenlee, Operations Manager, Green Ride
Invaluable insight
Working with Choose People has been an absolute pleasure. The process is simple, and the data and insight that have been provided are invaluable. Choose People has been a wonderful resource to assist us in creating a more positive business culture, which has strengthened our position in the market.
— Shane Hunsinger, COO, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness
The data, the focus, the tools, the plan
Choose People gave us everything that we needed: the data, the focus, the tools, the plan, the support and the guidance to improve our culture, and ultimately improve our business.
— Craig Dexheimer, Senior Director of Operations, Global Tax Network
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