Changing Culture of an Organization can feel hard. Here's our top solutions to support you!

On-Demand tools

Need to beat burnout, create camaraderie in hybrid teams, dismiss with dignity? Our most popular tools in step-by-step solutions you can use today.
These bite-size, repeatable, DIY tools are downloadable PDFs (with exclusive videos from Kris and Kenlyn) to support you in solving the most common culture challenges. We don’t just give you the why and what–we give you the how in step-by-step walkthroughs for each reusable process. No more Google searches to sort through endless information that only gets you halfway.
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Workshops & Trainings

Want world-class managers who can have the hard conversations? Need to break down silos and build up trust? We cover a variety of topics — everything from accountability to change management. Teambuilding and tactical training that really transforms.
Our highly interactive, energizing in-person and online experiences are customized to inspire your team, fulfill your desired outcomes, and create lasting change. We build capacity and evolve capability through opportunities to try on practices, frameworks and tools.
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Custom Culture Care

Ready to have culture experts in your corner? Want a culture care package to guide your team? Custom consulting, action plans and development to achieve your goals.
Here we partner with you side by side to implement, integrate and sustain the culture change you’re looking for. This can include anything from monthly manager support for your specific team to an in-depth assessment of your current culture using our research-built engagement survey. Whatever your culture challenge, we put you back on course with a customized solution that aligns with your organization’s unique mission, values and vision.
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Not sure where to start building a great culture? Seeking a comprehensive how-to workplace culture guide you can use at your own pace? The Culture Works book and workbook give you language, activities and systems to support you in changing culture of an organization and overcome the most common culture challenges.
Designed for leaders and managers, Culture Works helps you navigate culture challenges like drama, gossip, silos and apathy with concrete innovative concepts, enlightening stories and tangible tools. Many organizations get copies for their entire leadership team to work through together to create not only a shared language around culture but also a shared understanding.
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Need a dynamic speaker for your next association conference or annual leadership team meeting? We deliver experiential keynotes online and in-person where participants walk away uplifted, inspired and ready to apply powerful takeaways to transform their workplace culture.
We don’t just stand and deliver. Our interactive keynotes engage the entire audience and their individual real world experiences, which means each session includes not only our insights but leverages the collective expertise in the room. This allows each participant to integrate and implement the innovative thought leadership insights and ideas into their own work world.
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