A great workplace culture is easy to talk about and hard to deliver.

We get it. For well over a decade,
we’ve helped teams:

  • Beat burnout
  • Get rid of gossip
  • Sideline silos
  • End quiet quitting
  • Instill accountability
  • Communicate candidly
  • Change how it feels 
to come to work

Kenlyn Klamper


A former HR exec, Kenlyn loves data, KPIs, and organizational psychology–and is way more fun than that sounds.

Kris Boesch

CEO and Founder

Dancing queen, dog lover and proud mom, Kris is known for her down-to-earth, insightful, actionable advice.

Choose People has the tenure, tools, and top-notch humans to help boost the culture of a workplace.

On-Demand Tools

Need to beat burnout, create camaraderie in hybrid teams, dismiss with dignity?

Our most popular tools in step-by-step solutions you can use today

Workshops and Trainings

Want world-class managers who can have the hard conversations? Need to break down silos and build up trust?

Teambuilding and tactical training that really transforms

Custom Culture Care

Ready to have culture experts in your corner? Want a culture care package to guide your team?

Custom consulting, action plans, and development to achieve your goals

Where do we start?
Exactly where you are.

For well over a decade, we’ve been meeting our clients where they are and taking them where they want to go, one sustainable step at a time.
Our clients have:

Reduced voluntary turnover from:
Gone from the top:
of organizations nominated for
the best workplace culture
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Had their doors unexpectedly
decorated with “World’s Best Boss!”

Our Secret Sauce:


You value them as a person, not just a worker.


Their work is important — to you, their peers, and the organization.


They can bring their true self to work and be part of a shared identity.

Here’s what we know: a thriving workplace culture requires that people feel cared about, believe their work matters, and experience a sense of shared identity. Otherwise, work is just another day and another dollar. Let’s start building the real-deal connection, empowered accountability, and team cohesion at the heart of your organization.

Known, Matter, and Included are essential for morale, loyalty, and pride.
The best investment in developing our company culture
I view our relationship with Choose People as the best investment in developing our company culture in 10 years. Kris has been indispensable to our organization and I would recommend her services if you are looking for custom improvement programs that require real, positive, consistent, and dependable results.
— Steve Pottenger, CEO, WorkWell Occupational Health
Amazing results in our culture
My entire team looks forward to when Kris presents. Her positive energy, commitment and rich, actionable content never fails to bring down the house. The value she brings continues well after she’s left. ‘Freedom from Funkytown’ led to amazing results in our culture and has become an invaluable touchstone for our daily communication.
— Susan Grutzmacher, Division Director, Boulder County Housing and Human Services

Name droppin’

Some of our favorite clients include:

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