Beyond the
Business Case

Culture in an Organization Matters

Beyond the Business Case

Imagine what it feels like when you walk into an amusement park. When you walk through the doors of your favorite hangout or spiritual home. When you walk into a concert or sport event.

Now imagine how your team feels when they walk into work–whether that’s sitting down at a computer, standing at a cash register, or jumping into a truck.

And if you’re like most people, walking into work feels very different.

So many times, we reach for the wallet when we think our team’s morale is low. We give raises. We throw a pizza party. We have a massage therapist come in for the team. And yet, as one CEO said to us, “I don’t know what to do. We pay more than our competitors. We’ve got the CrossFit gym, the gourmet snacks, and I’m about to put in a tornado slide–but our turnover rate has never been higher.”

That’s because perks don’t deliver.

At best, perks can provide a temporary peak feeling–at worst, eyerolls (and maybe some nausea after that tornado slide). Even a great massage can’t undo the stress of having to repeatedly deal with a toxic co-worker.

What does? Creating an emotionally healthy culture in an organization. It’s the difference between a real-deal smile and a fake one.

And if you’re like most people, walking into work feels very different.

And that difference (due to 8 critical factors) is what delivers for the organization. It’s what creates psychological safety, belonging and inclusion, pride and loyalty, motivation, inspiration, powerful momentum.

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But wait there’s more ...

The bonus here is that when people feel good about coming to work, they go home as better parents, spouses and citizens. They have the energy to show up for their loved ones and community rather than simply numbing to Netflix.

When you make work life better, you make life work better. Now that’s some real ROI.

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