1st Ingredient in the Secret Sauce


There’s low morale - let’s fix it. There’s lack of trust – let’s fix it. There’s lack of team work – let’s fix it. Good intentions abound. Yet who’s asking and addressing why the problem exists in the first place? If it’s a cultural problem – chances are some clean up needs to occur before you launch into problem solving and solutions.

You simply can’t cover a gaping wound with a band-aid and hope there won’t be infection. So here’s the first ingredient to the secret sauce: the head honcho needs to apologize to the team. Someone has to own the situation first before it can be addressed and as the person leading the organization, they must own that this has occurred under their watch.

This one act alone – done authentically - allows leadership to regain credibility that is critical for sustainable forward progress.

This is why we recommend a Clean Slate Meeting before just about any culture effort.

Culture Works

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