2015 Secret Retention Sauce

And we’re off!

I love this time of year – full of promise and potential, the feeling that anything’s possible. And it is. Especially if you have a kick booty team.

However the recession is over and your best talent now has options as well as headhunters seeking their brilliance. And studies have shown these options are only going to become more plentiful and juicier in the years to come as talent becomes scarce due to the retirement of baby boomers.

So what are you doing this year to retain your best people?

  • Improving benefits?
  • Giving promotions? (Or bloated titles?)
  • Increasing salaries?

Notice these three “go to” options are easily replicated by your competition. Any one can pay more.

Or are you working on creating (and/or nurturing) an extraordinary workplace culture? If so, pat yourself on the back! An extraordinary workplace culture is the secret retention sauce. One in which (almost) no amount of money, perks or prestige can tear your best talent away.

And remember, your culture is your culture. It's the personality of your company. Like personalities, workplace cultures are complex and not easy to duplicate. In fact, when we try to duplicate another organization's culture there's the feeling we're lip syncing. And fakery will get you nowhere.

So what are you doing this year to take your culture up a notch (or three?) What are doing to create an extraordinary work environment in which your people feel good about coming to work? A work environment in which your team brings their brilliance, commitment and gusto to your company?

Here’s a few ideas to consider:

  • Empower your people to self-manage
  • Convert (yes it is possible) or fire your toxic rainmaker (the person you rely on heavily for their sales ability, expertise or seniority who brings morale down on a regular basis)
  • Share the financials in a way that invests your team in supporting the bottom-line success of the organization
  • Repair relationships between key players/teams and then create a culture that consists of kind, candid and constructive communication
  • Ditch your lackluster incentive programs and go for gamification, meaningful appreciation, peer recognition and/or surprise gratitude gifting
  • Operationalize and LIVE your mission, vision and values
  • Create an aligned action retreat for your team
  • Learn what the top 3 initiatives are needed to improve/transform your culture and then systematically implement a roadmap to complete them

While this may be obvious….Choose People can help you with all of the above, and then some.

Also keep in mind your culture is also your secret talent attraction sauce. Nothing can compare to a glowing/gloating referral from your best talent at a gathering of their closest friends or industry colleagues.

Now go rock 2015!!

Culture Works

With Culture Works in your hands you’ll know exactly how, and what to do to manage your workplace culture.
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