Extremely Valuable Human Resources Tool: Living Wage Calculator

When Choose People was being formed the criteria for consideration was wide ranged to say the least. And one of the critical factors that stuck out, but hasn't been incorporated yet was the concept of "living wage."

Having participated in a campaign in Colorado called "Pathways Past Poverty" it was painfully and insanely clear that many full time employees were working hard and not able to make basic ends meet.

One of the beautiful things about living wage is that it is a concept that wins applause on both sides of the political spectrum for supporting true self-sufficiency. While seemingly backwards, some companies actually have programs that solely exist to provide their employees with access to government subsidies to supplement their pay so they can survive. Yet part of this goes back to the issue that in many cases at the register consumers do not pay for the TRUE cost of the goods or services produced, they are subsidized either by the government, the environment or the social issues that arise from poverty and/or ill treatment.

It would truly be a better world if employers were able to pay all of their employees at least a living wage. AND even better would be if consumers would demand it, even knowing that they would need to invest more in the product purchased or service rendered, but they could do so with a clean conscience.

Imagine the powerful competitive edge of being able to tell customers that "our company is the only company in our industry, or is 1 in X, that pays a living wage to ALL of our employees." Now that's what I call Corporate Social Responsibility.

To find out the living wage for your area, check out http://www.livingwage.geog.psu.edu/.

How does your company measure up?

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