How to Savor the Moment at Work

Yep, that’s it. That’s our culture tip for the week. Savor. At work.

Pause, be present and appreciate…

  • the moment
  • the person
  • the collective effort and commitment
  • the accomplishments

And when all seems unworthy, consider allowing yourself some awe for the miracle that our world works and holds the potential of the tiniest cells in our body to the astounding intricacy and diversity of nature to the expansive multiverses in space.

And know that your work, your team, your organization participates in this grand creation.

Savor all the goodness there is to relish in.

Team Building Exercise:

In US work culture it’s common for people to kvetch and complain to connect. This is a lazy way to create emotional intimacy. Instead try on, for one week, have everyone commit to leading ALL conversations, meetings, e-mails, water cooler exchanges with what’s working (at work, in the world, or in life.) Not looking for Pollyanna baloney – simply shifting the initial filter and context through which work communication gets created.

Three of Kris' Favorite Finds:

  1. The Human Library – Creating a powerful public safe space for real dialogue.
  2. Linkedin article with unique 5 Ways to Recognize and Delight Your Employees
  3. Timeular – Discover where your time goes for real!

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