I’m not going to try to convince you… (read on for a great holiday team tip)

…culture should be a top priority for 2018.

I’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

If you’re reading this Culture Tip, it’s because you understand the value of making your culture a priority. You’re the type of leader who cares, is committed to continuous improvement, and knows your people are the heart of what makes your organization possible.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention…in addition to the no-brainer financial boon, there’s a huge emotional ROI--when your people feel good about coming to work, they go home as better parents, spouses and citizens.

Perhaps as a leader you’re feeling:

  • Our culture is good…but not extraordinary
  • Morale definitely needs an upgrade--that “meh” feeling is starting to feel like an anvil
  • We have a few toxic gremlins wreaking havoc and we can’t ignore them any longer

If so, let me help you.

Here’s how you can leverage my expertise to up your cultural and financial ROI in 2018:

1. Self-Lead DIY Culture Improvement:

Buy the Culture Works book and workbook set for your entire management and leadership team. Internally work through, discuss and implement the nuggets that will elevate your culture via one chapter per month. (Culture Works has been endorsed by business thought leaders including Tony Hsieh, Marshall Goldsmith, Verne Harnish, Brian Tracy and Shawn Achor.)

2. Hire Kris as Your Culture Partner-in-Crime:

E-mail me at kris@choosepeople.com and we’ll schedule a time where I can learn more about your team and culture challenges, and share our year-long incredibly effective Culture Audit process. (One of our clients went from 22% to 0% voluntary turnover in one year.)

3. Hire Kris to Help with a Specific Culture Opportunity/Challenge:


  • You are up against silos, lack of accountability, apathy, entitlement or gossip
  • You need a relationship repair between two key employees or departments
  • You simply want to increase interdependency awareness, uplevel the joy factor and empower your front lines
  • Your mission, vision and values needs to be goosebump worthy and operationalized

Create an extraordinary workplace culture in 2018--I can help make your priority a reality.

Call me directly at 970-219-0245 or e-mail me at kris@choosepeople.com.

Bonus: Now for a Great Holiday Festivity Idea

I’m not one for forced or fake fun, and most of my culture recommendations have nothing to do with cheesy teambuilding activities; however I think this idea has the potential to be a blast….

Gingerbread dwelling contest between departments

Now if you read this and groaned, don’t implement it. Because if you groan, your team won’t buy in. However, if you could see the delightful chaos of graham crackers (perhaps also buy the pre-made house walls), all sorts of crazy candy and gluey frosting, along with the competitive glint in your team’s holiday spirited eyes…well then, what are you waiting for?! Depending on your organization, I’d be tempted to give a gag trophy for the most innovative, thoughtful, design friendly, or sustainable structure…

Wishing you and your team a delightful holiday season!

Culture Works

With Culture Works in your hands you’ll know exactly how, and what to do to manage your workplace culture.
No other workplace culture book empowers you to take on workplace challenges like the researched and proven 8 Critical Factors found in Culture Works.
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