Love Your Employees - Ditch the Donuts and Break Out the Fruit

No donuts!!?? You say.

Yes, I said no donuts. We all know that donuts are bad for us - high fat, high sugar - you get the idea. What does it tell your employees when you offer them something you know is bad for them? It's like feeding your dog that you love chocolate. Don't feed your people poison.

They may roll their eyes when you break out the fruit, oatmeal bars or small bags of pretzels, but the message is clear, you want health for your employees. And make the fruit good fruit - go for the chopped up melon, berries and pineapple as well as apples and bananas. Vegetable trays with hummus are another good option too :) Raw almonds too (known to increase brain sharpness.)

Also try to come up with an alternative for birthdays besides traditional cake - even angel food cake with fresh strawberries is a better option. In large companies it can feel like there's either cake or donuts every Friday. Also let your vendors know who like to deliver donuts as a thank you to bring a fruit bouquet or vegetable round instead.

It shows the love. Really - way more than greasy donuts.

Never mind donuts are NOT productive for work - sticky fingers on keyboards, sugar high and CRASH, distracting thoughts of guilt by all the dieters (been there), and sickness due to unhealthy eating.

Love your employees - give them something healthy to nosh on.

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