Marketing to Your Employees - One of the Easiest Ways to Improve Morale

I was amazed. It was a couple of years ago. And there I was in front of 70 of my employees - my moving crew - in a company meeting and I asked them, what are all the different perks you receive working here?

They named 3.

There were 10.

And when I said well what about this one, and what about that one, they said - OOOOOO yeah. Granted some of these perks/benefits were small, and some were larger, but they were all benefits. And they all walked away from the meeting feeling like they were getting more for their hard work.

And when I walked away from the meeting I wondered - do they not value or care about the other 7 perks? Is it not worth the money to keep providing these benefits?

And while this may be the case with 1 or 2, it certainly wasn't the case for all of the unnamed 7. So what WAS the deal? WHY didn't they name them?

Because I hadn't consistently marketed to my own employees the benefits they receive when working for my company.

Here I was marketing to customers all day long about the benefits of using our company - but I forgot internally to make sure everyone knew the value of working at Exodus. Granted in orientation we went over the benefits. But for many of my long time employees, that was years ago. And if there was a new perk, we did a big shabang so everyone would know about it, but then that would be about it.

We all forget from time to time the everyday basic, inherent good things. We just come to count on them, depend on them. (If I asked you what benefits did you get out of life today? Would you say a shower? pillow?) The same thing happens for employees with perks.

(And if you REALLY think about it, the same thing happens for companies with employees.)

Shine the light on your benefits, and most likely many of your employees will see some hidden gems of working for your company that they forgot.

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