The Power of We - No Opera Singers Please

We is the word you want to hear when you are interviewing someone.  You want them to see themselves as having been part of a team.  You want them to give credit to those who helped them get to where they are.  If all you hear is "I" statements you may have found yourself a prima-donna.

"Me" is also another one to avoid.  You don't need an opera singer.  You need a chorus that sounds good together.  So yes, that means avoid the superstars who always want the limelight on them, no matter how good their voice is, no matter how much experience they have.  They're hard to resist.  They're shiny and everything.  I know.   I've hired one before and regretted it, so did the rest of my team since they're the ones who suffered.

We is the word you want to hear in the halls of your organization.  Togetherness.  Camaraderie.  Identification with the greater group.  Teamwork.  United.  If all you hear is "they" in the cooler conversations then you've got separation anxiety.  And chances are "I" is on the other side of that conversation.  Who are the "I"s in your organization?  Are they interested in becoming part of "We?"  If not, your organization will always be out of tune, the music won't flow and your rhythm will be off.  And you know what that means - bad dancing.  Bad performance.

Think of a stunning a cappella group where all the individuals magically come together to create a thing of beauty, of joy, of success.

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