Yeah! It's Monday!! Work here I come!

How often do you say this?

Imagine your coworkers saying this.  Your family members.  Your employees.

We really can love work.  In fact, we often do.

If you haven't already read Daniel Pink's book, Drive.  You really should consider it.  Yes his TED talk is fabulous and gives you the short version, but the book is truly worth the additional attention span and time.

In his book, one of the many things Pink talks about is the surprising findings in research done by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi over 30 years ago.  Csikszentmihalyi discovered that optimal moments in our life (he termed "flow") are much more likely to be attained at work than in leisure.

Pink quotes Csikszentmihalyi, "There is no reason to believe any longer that only irrelevant 'play' can be enjoyed, while the serious business of life must be borne as a burdensome cross.  Once we realize that the boundaries between work and play are artificial, we can take matters in hand and begin the difficult task of making life more livable."

Pink's whole book looks at how we can make life more livable through work.  And it does it in such a way that the individual employee can take action upon reading this book as well as business owners.

Drive and Pink's compilation of incredible research and ideas on how to apply the stunning findings is truly a gem not to be missed.

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