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Improving Corporate Culture

Why teams love us: We meet you where you are.

When looking for development for your team we always start with a discovery session so we can understand your needs and customize and adjust the content to align with your desired outcomes for improving corporate culture.

Please know all of our offerings can be conducted on-site or online, as well as tailored to leadership, management or your entire team.

We are master facilitators and trainers.

We have the 10,000 hours under our belt in improving corporate culture and are known for our capacity to create a surprising level of comfort for teams quickly. Just as the team is a reflection of leadership, when it comes to training, the experience is a reflection of the facilitator. Choose People brings high-energy and is praised often for our down-to-earth, accessible facilitation style.

We know how to guide the experience to achieve the purpose and will keep the team on track while also allowing space for meaningful exchanges. No Charlie Brown teacher talking heads here.

Our method works.

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All of our workshops and trainings follow a generative developmental model of learning for improving corporate culture. To truly build sustainable capacity and evolve capability of each participant, our sessions are highly interactive and experiential. Through engaging facilitation, participants try on the very activities, tools and practices they are being provided. Reflection, dialogue, and sharing wisdom is encouraged along with disruption of assumptions and disempowering narratives.

We design learning experiences using a proven facilitation choreography that builds and deepens colleague relationships. It also leverages appreciative inquiry and garners the collective wisdom of the team. This design is conscientious of, and effective in, supporting participation by those who may self-describe as introverts.

Also all of our sessions are highly interactive and energized, as we weave valuable content, enlightening stories and tangible tools. Meaningful analogies are also provided to create a shared language amongst participants to ground and activate concepts into their daily work experience. Lastly each session includes simple yet profound, highly applicable and adaptable frameworks and methods.

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Organizational Culture Workshops & Trainings
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Social Super Glue

Create an Empowering & Thriving Workplace Culture
This is our signature session where we disrupt the traditional narrative around improving corporate culture and dive into what really matters. Here we take cultural savviness to the next level sharing the secret ingredient to the secret sauce of workplace culture. Participants will learn innovative insights into how to create voluntary collaboration, camaraderie and connection amongst their teams. This “glue” results in perseverance through tough times, inspiration to go the extra mile and retention of top talent.
Key takeaways include:
  • The #1 Non-Negotiable
  • The 3 Critical Paradigm Shifts
  • 7 Savvy Strategies to Strengthen Your Team
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Freedom from Funkytown

Instill Kind, Candid, Constructive Communication
This is one of our most popular sessions for improving corporate culture and dramatically reduces drama, gossip and triangulation while increasing trust and team cohesion. Through our down-to-earth, no-fuss approach of four steps, your team will learn kind, candid and constructive communication coming from a place of care, concern and curiosity rather than from judgements or assumptions. After this light-hearted and yet highly meaningful session, your team will walk away with team-wide commitment and capacity to directly resolve conflict with any of their colleagues.

Key takeaways include:

  • Framework to Painlessly Tackle the Toughest of Conversations
  • How to Communicate in a Way that’s Kind & Candid
  • Self-Awareness of Your Conflict Style as well as that of Your Peers
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Empowering Accountability

Shift from Shame to Support
Accountability is a tough term. It has A LOT of baggage. When an effort to create accountability is implemented, team members often fear getting in trouble or feel a sense of shame or even angry indignation. Yet, without accountability, things go sideways fast - subpar behavior or performance becomes accepted, leadership loses credibility, results deteriorate and pride is lost. This session shares how to hold team members accountable with both compassion and clear boundaries. This supportive process leaves team members feeling a clear sense of self-determination over their own success.

Key takeaways include:

  • Key Empowering Mindset Shift Around Accountability
  • Framework to Address Character & Competency Concerns
  • Know When to Stop Investing in a “Turnaround”
Cute hand drawn puzzle pieces clicking together, improving corporate culture

Interdependency Awareness

Break Down Silos & Build Up Trust
Interdependency awareness leads to profound team mindfulness and team members who are not only committed to personal success, but also to the success of their co-workers and the organization as a whole. Interdependency awareness creates a strong sense of belonging while dissipating divisions and emphasizing both community and collaboration. Deepening shared identity and pride, your team will walk away with a renewed commitment to the mission and to one another.

Key takeaways include:

  • Systems Thinking & Ownership of “Our Work”
  • Process to Instill Supportive Peer-Accountability
  • Framework to Create Ease & Velocity in Meeting Needs Between Groups
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But wait there’s more…

We have a plethora of additional topics for improving corporate culture however we don’t want to inundate you with all the possibilities. Here’s just a few more client favorites:
  • Team Building - Inspire Team Spirit and Pride
  • Change Management - Transform Resistance into Resiliency
  • Restore Vitality - Shift from Overwhelmed to Energized
  • Conflict Resolution - Mediate Contention to Cooperation
  • Psychological Safety - Reform Fear into Freedom
If you don’t see a culture, leadership or management topic here that you’re looking for, please reach out as we likely have an applicable training.
What people are saying...
I can’t tell you how amazing things have been since our managers’ retreat/conference. We received so many emails from our Team about how they popped their Funkytown ‘bubble’ and how easy it was and freeing. One said, ‘Yesterday I took care of my bubble and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. We hugged and cried and now I can’t wait to meet with my team and spread the love.' Please thank Kris for helping us tear down our walls.’ And our CEO also chimed in and said that you were a HUGE reason for our “jumpstart” back to being a more cohesive group. We are still reaping the rewards! We appreciate YOU and what you brought to our team, it has truly made a difference.
— Vicky Warner, Bayer Heritage FCU
What people are saying...
We wanted to extend a HUGE thank you from our team to you! Thank you again for giving such a meaningful talk and for being such a great person to work with. From our first discussion, we knew you would be a wonderful speaker for Carle Health. Your willingness to learn about us, our areas of improvement, and how you could help our leaders was much appreciated. Feedback from our CDI has been overwhelmingly positive and many leaders expressed appreciation for how useful your tools will be.
— Brenna Kelley-Freiburger, MPH, CPH, Carle Experience Consultant, Carle Health
What people are saying...
My entire team looks forward to when Kris presents. Her positive energy, commitment and rich, actionable content never fails to bring down the house. The value she brings continues well after she’s left. ‘Freedom from Funkytown’ led to amazing results in our culture and has become an invaluable touchstone for our daily communication.
— Susan Grutzmacher, Division Director, Boulder County Housing and Human Services
What people are saying...
At CU Denver I believe there is no better investment than in the development of our people. So, when I discovered Choose People and their dynamic curriculum it was an investment I knew we had to make for a mixture of 39 emerging and established leaders. If you are seeking grounded, effective and sensible tools in both management and leadership, look no further than Kris Boesch and Choose People. My only regret is that I didn’t discover Choose People years ago!
— Chris Dowen, Assistant Vice Chancellor, University of Colorado Denver
What people are saying...
Kris’ workshop on “Social Super Glue” provided useful tools that I incorporated right away. She offers a fresh perspective on meaningful connections, getting more out of the workday, a recipe to the “secret sauce,” how to build a team atmosphere, to name a few. I have been using these techniques in both professional and personal life – I am pleased to see the results of the building blocks that she presented. Kris is engaging to listen to and she took the time to determine what our goal was in asking her to speak to our company in an effort to ensure we maximized the results. I highly recommend Choose People – the concepts and tools provided are straightforward and concise.
— Heather Baeza, Portfolio Manager, First Interstate Bank
What people are saying...
Thank you for a wonderful year filled with many takeaways from your Leadership Development and Management Competency Training workshops. The material you provided was fresh-out of the box thinking with very “useable” tips to easily incorporate into our management style and employee culture. Each workshop had many, many items that I could incorporate personally as well as work with our managers to incorporate on an overall operations basis. Lots and lots of great ideas. It’s difficult to summarize all that I got out of your workshops yet I have learned and continue to work to incorporate many of the concepts into our team.
— Karen Goedert, Resort Manager, One Steamboat Place
What people are saying...
From the first time I heard Kris speak at our association’s annual conference, I noticed a genuineness and passion for excellence that is not always found in consultants. In addition to the solid and germane content of her presentation, I believe it is also her ability to really connect with the audience that makes it so effective. Simply put, our team loves Kris!”
— Jim Finnegan, General Manager, Magnolia Hotel
What people are saying...
The content of Kris’s workshops is incredibly relevant and the teach, practice, apply and integrate approach she uses is a perfect fit for my team. Well worth the investment.
— Stephanie Torrez, Assistant Dean, University of Northern Colorado
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