Measure Your
Work Culture

8 Critical Factors

While many of us know culture is important, many organizations don’t know how to measure workplace culture. How do you turn employee experience into reliable numbers that can pinpoint problems and prove progress?
The answer: Partner with the Industrial Organizational Psychology department at Colorado State University. Together we spent more than 1,000 hours working to understand the true components of team members’ workplace experience and how to measure workplace culture. We were out to answer this question, “What makes employees feel good about coming to work?” This experience of “feeling good” points to the emotional health of an individual, a team and an organization.
Our research revealed 8 Critical Factors. And you’ll be surprised what didn’t make the list.

How to Measure Workplace Culture

How does your culture score? Try a few of our favorite tools below to get a sense of where you stand.

The 1-10 Litmus Test

This a quick and surprisingly accurate test we use to take the pulse of an organization. Ask yourself, “On a scale of 1-10 how happy or unhappy is our team?” (Take your time. We’ll wait.) Once you’ve picked your number, find out what it (usually) means.

The “Elephants in the Room” Assessment 

Do you know your key culture challenges? We’ve discovered 23 common “elephants in the room” in our years of work and research. How many are taking up space in your workplace? Find out how many are impacting your workplace and where to focus your efforts.

Your Personal Culture Survey

Curious how your own experience of your work culture measures? This 5-7 minute survey will give you a report that reflects your workplace experience. Something to highlight hereif you’re a leader, it’s likely your score is higher than that of your team members.

Team Culture Audit and Action Plan

Real deal transformation
Our most extensive measurement tool, the Culture Audit, was built to fully assess and improve the culture of an organization. This isn’t your ordinary employee engagement survey (and we average an extraordinary 92% survey participation rate!) This process will not only give you the full lay of the land for your team–we also provide a personalized roadmap built from our years of expertise with the best strategic steps to create meaningful, profitable culture change for you.
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