Toxic Rockstars & Rainmakers

They have you over a barrel. Or so you think.

You tip toe around them. You bend over backwards for them. You walk on eggshells for them.

You swear your company can't live without them, that you simply won't be as successful because they're THAT good. They bring in THAT much revenue. They've been around THAT long. They know THAT much. They're THAT talented. Or THAT connected.

And yet they're crazy toxic to your employee culture. They cause internal drama and frustration on a regular basis. They treat their fellow co-workers rudely, knowing they can get away with it. They're entitled prima donnas. No one can stand them, and yet everyone accommodates them, because you do.

You set the example of what’s acceptable, what’s valued, what’s rewarded.

I know this, because I've been there. I've been the CEO who feels she has "untouchable" employees. Employees she thinks she can't live without. And my entire company suffered for my lack of vision, my lack of spine, my lack of putting the whole team first before the superstar. I lost the respect of my team.

Until I saw it.

I saw that no single employee has the power to make my company successful. I saw the brutal emotional and financial impact of all the negativity this employee brought into my organization - that I allowed them to bring into my company.

At the end of day, if you truly want a rockin' employee culture which pays dividends every moment of every day, you simply cannot have toxic rockstars or rainmakers no matter how valuable they seem.

You will be amazed once they are no longer there the tremendous improvement in the "energy" of your company - and I'm not talking woo woo - but that feeling you get when you walk into your workplace will be so much lighter and brighter. You will also be surprised to hear of all the horror stories that employees now feel safe to tell because the bully is gone. And you will see and appreciate fully all of the other employees that helped to make that individual appear successful.

I promise that the cost of a toxic rockstar or rainmaker to your company is at least ten times the value you think they bring to the table.

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