Do Your People Feel Appreciated?

Do your people feel appreciated?

If you haven’t praised them for doing good work in the last week, they likely don’t, according to Gallup’s extensive Q12 research.

We all know that feeling seen and recognized for your work is critical to success. As Forbes columnist Todd Nordstrom points out, there are “massive amounts of data that undeniably proves employee recognition is the number one thing employees say inspires them to work above and beyond expectations.” Other research shows that lack of recognition is one of the top 3 reasons people quit their jobs, while another showed that 53% of employees want more recognition from their managers. (That’s half your team!)

But how do you make that recognition meaningful?

That’s the question that stumped Nordstrom, a well known expert in this field: “How do I sincerely recognize someone if I don’t know what they care about?”

It’s an issue even the best managers face, since no manager can know exactly what their team is doing at every moment, especially in our increasingly remote and hybrid world. And getting it right is critical–otherwise, as Nordstrom puts it, “you could be causing more harm than good. I could share hours of examples of recognition horror stories.”

We built the Magic Morale Method to solve exactly this problem–and it remains one of our most popular solutions today. It’s a quick, powerful way to meaningfully recognize each person for the right things, even when you aren’t aware of them. (You can purchase it here and see for yourself why people tell us it’s “super real,” “meaningful,” “easy,” and “fulfilling!”)

And know that we over here at Choose People applaud you for your commitment to your team–just taking the time to read this through shows you care for your people. Thanks for making the world of work a better, more appreciative place.

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