“Speak To the Heart and the Mind Will Follow.”*

Think about this simple statement.  And what it means for your communication with your team.

If our hearts believe it, our minds will justify it.

We will find (sometimes even create) the needed evidence to support the beliefs of our hearts.  Our minds can talk ourselves into and out of just about anything.  However what we choose to persuade ourselves into is chosen by the heart.  The heart chooses our truth, what we know in our “heart of hearts.”

When the heart is spoken to, there is little contemplation.

It’s the difference between considering and craving.

It’s the difference between mindset shift and mindshift, set, go!

It’s the difference between wondering if your shoes are good enough for dancing and suddenly participating in a flash mob.

The heart beats momentum.  “It just feeeels right.”  The heart sparks movements.

So often we speak to the mind, and the heart raises an eyebrow.  Is she moved?  Does he care?  We try to convince with reasonable reasons and sensible sense.

The next time you’re looking to get your team “on board,” garner their “buy-in,” or have success in change management – ask yourself, what would I say if I was speaking to their hearts?

And how would I say it?

And then watch their minds follow.

*Roy H. Williams imparted this quote during the The Magical Worlds Communications Workshop I completed at the at the non-traditional business school, the Wizard Academy, in Austin, TX.

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